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At Early Childhood Mentoring Services of Wisconsin, we believe that childcare programs deserve the support they need to achieve success. Our team is dedicated to helping programs reach their goals and improve their services through a variety of mentoring and consulting services. We work closely with you to make effective changes that will have a big impact, and offer continued support to ensure your program continues to grow and succeed.

What we offer-


Eagle, wi

"Alyssa was wonderful to work with, she was efficient, had great communication, and generally cared about our program and our needs. We would use her services again in the future when we are looking to build up our team. We highly recommend her for her expertise in early childhood mentoring services!"


Sauk City, WI

"I am so thankful for answering the phone call and giving Early Childhood Mentoring Services a chance. They exceeded my expectations from day one. Stephanie took me under her wing and walked me through the process of hiring new quality staff. After answering a few questions about our program, she was able to advertise and arrange for me to meet quality applicants. In return I was able to hire great new staff and for once in the past four years our program is fully staffed with quality staff. Moving forward I will be using Early Childhood Mentoring Services for all my hiring needs."


Oak Creek, WI

"Do you feel alone running your early childhood center? Alyssa at EC mentoring is a great resource for directors. She has been in the field and can help with any EC questions. She is great at giving advice and just a person to bounce ideas off of. She is a big help in trying to hire new staff."

About the Founder

Alyssa's journey from a college student studying Human Services in Belleville, WI, to a pioneering figure in early childhood education, showcases her adaptability, passion, and dedication to improving the childcare sector. Her career, initially unplanned in early childhood, flourished as she recognized her calling within the walls of a daycare center where she worked during her college years. This experience laid the foundation for a career deeply rooted in the sector, leading her through various roles and ultimately to a position of leadership. In 2007, when faced with the challenge of assisting in the management of a struggling daycare center in her hometown, Alyssa stepped up, showcasing her resilience and strategic thinking. By 2013, she took the bold step of taking over the business, turning around its fortunes through relentless effort and vision over nearly four years. However, Alyssa's aspirations extended beyond the operational success of her daycare center. In 2021, she embarked on a new venture aimed at childcare mentoring and consulting, driven by a desire to share her wealth of experience and insights with other providers. Alyssa's story is a testament to the impact of perseverance, continuous learning, and the willingness to mentor others in the pursuit of excellence in early childhood education. Her mission now is not just about business success but about elevating the entire field, ensuring providers are equipped, inspired, and supported to offer the best possible care and education to children.

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